• Wednesday STANDARD Starcitygames.com $5

    Starcitygames.com Game Night!
    Format: Standard / Open Gaming
    Prizes: 125% of entry fees go to store credit prize pool, 1st place takes home the bonus card of the week! Exclusive Tokens to top 8, and Pins to top two!
    Bonus weekly cards: See Google calendar for card of the week.

  • Wednesday MTG Draft $15

    MTG Booster Draft
    Prizes: 2 pack in the prize pool per player. Prizes to all 3 win and 2 win players.

  • Thursday Pokemon Nights

    FREE Play Pokemon League

  • Thursday Pokemon Nights $5

    Play Pokemon Standard

  • MTG "Frontier" Constructed Thursday Nights


  • Friday/FNM Booster Draft $15

    Keep your picks! 2 packs in prizes per player!
    So for an 8 man pod prize payout would be 1st place gets 8 packs

  • Friday/FNM Standard WIN A BOX $5

    You can win a Booster Box for only $5 On Friday Nights!
    Registration starts at 6 PM,
    Round 1 at 7 PM
    ***GUARANTEED PRIZES*** 2 Booster Boxes Guaranteed in the Prize Pool 5 Round Maximum 5 Win Playes = Split prizes from one box (Typically 1 to 2 player split) 4 Win Players = Split prizes from one box (Typically 6-8 player split)

  • Friday/FNM MTG Modern $5

    Prizes: 125% of entry fees go to store credit prize pool. In addition to store credit prizes, 1st place gets the FNM promo.

  • Saturdays at Noon Current Set Sealed Deck

    Format: Current Set Sealed Deck
    Entry: $20
    Prizes: 2 packs in the prize pool per player Come build a sealed deck using 6 booster packs! We will add 2 packs to the prize pool per player!

  • Sunday Modern/Commander

    Modern $5
    Commander - FREE play.