• Hour of Devastation Pre-release Schedule:

    Entry: $25 Per Event
    Saturday, July 7th - NOON / 5 PM
    Sunday July 8th - NOON / 5 PM (Two Headed Giant, and 1v1 events at both times

    Hour of Devastation Pre-order:

    Boxes: 89.99
    Bundles: $34.99
    For singles visit our online shops:
    Pre-Order Register Pre-Release Ebay TCG Facebook Event

  • Modern Masters 2017 Launch Weekend:

    $40 Booster Drafts on demand March 17th - 19th
    $75 Sealed - Saturday March 18th / Sunday March 19th at NOON
    Booster Boxes: $229.99

  • Game Heroes Events

    We have weekly events for Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and more!