Please DO NOT CALL the store for ANY sales inquiries.

The ONLY point of contact for sales inquiries will be EMAIL

TEXT (720-879-2780), or Facebook messenger

ANY phone calls will be directed to this website for communication via text/email/facebook message


If you are unfamiliar with the value of any items you are trying to sell, we apologize but will ask you to go elsewhere to sell your items, we unfortunately to not have time to ‘look at’, ‘check out’, or appraise ANY items, the ONLY way we can purchase your items is if you have the items with known value separated out and ready to sell

Please be prepared to wait as we are busy at all times.

Please be aware, Game Heroes already has a massive inventory, and has very little current needs

Magic the Gathering - Trade Policy Details

***Smaller Trade Ins (Under $500 market in total value) ***

We only buy the following:

Most English, Non Foil Cards, Revised and Newer

TCG Low price must be at least $5 on ALL cards

Cash = 50% of TCG player low price

Store Credit = 60% of TCG Player low price

***Bigger Trade Ins ($500 or or market in total value) ****

Most English, Non Foil Cards, Revised and Newer

Cash = 60% of TCG player Market

Store Credit = 70% of TCG player Market

***Hot Shelf***

Cards on our Hot Shelf we purchase at 

70% CASH of our sticker price

80% CASH of our sticker price

Cards on the hot shelf rotate depending on what is currently hot and our current needs.  For an updated picture of the Hot Shelf, please request a picture, via text message/facebook message/email

*Power 9/Reserved list/Revised Dual Lands/Vintage Staples*

We pay 70-90% of Market value based on current needs and market conditions


Commons/Uncommons/Foils/Tokens/Basic Lands are all considered bulk

Cash = $4 per 1000 cards
Store Credit = $5 per 1000 cards

Bulk Rares/Mythics/Foils Rares
Cash = $.05 each
Store Credit = $.06 each

****WE DO NOT BUY***

ANY FOIL CARDS, Loose Packs, ANY Foreign Cards

Any Alpha/Beta/Unlimited/Legends/Arabian Nights/Antiquities Cards

Pokemon - Buy Policy Details


Cards Ranging: $5-$19.99 TCG Player Market: 50% Cash 60% Credit (Modern Only)

Cards Ranging: $20-$100 TCG Player Market: 60% Cash 70% Credit

Cards Ranging: $100-$500 TCG Player Market: 70% Cash 80% Credit

Cards Ranging: $500-$2000 TCG Player Market: 80% Cash 90% Credit (Requires Manager Approval)


Vintage / Older Cards are priced by condition (We will rarely grade a vintage card NM)

The ONLY Vintage Raw cards we will buy have to be holo

We WILL NOT BUY Japanese Singles

Sealed Product

Sealed English Booster Boxes: 90% Cash 95% Credit

NON POKEMON CENTER Elite Trainer Boxes (ETBs): 75% Cash, 80% Credit

Ultra Premium Collections:
75% Cash 80% Credit

We WILL NOT BUY loose packs

Graded Cards / Slabs

PSA 10 ONLY – 60% Cash 70% Credit


Bulk Rates

Bulk EX/GX/V: $.25 Cash / $.30 Credit

Bulk Vmax / VStar: $.50 Cash / $.60 Credit

Bulk Gold / Rainbow: $.50 Cash / $.60 Credit

Bulk Trainer Gallery: $.05 Cash / $.10 Credit

Bulk Commons/Uncommons/Energy/Codes/Holos: $4 per 1000

Sports Cards - Buy Policy Details

We only buy sports cards at off site card shows, so make sure to check us out at the next one! We apologize but cannot buy ANY sports cards in store.

Video Games - Buy Policy Details

For Walk-Ins Game Heroes purchases the following Video Game Items:

Individual Games
Handheld Consoles (Gameboy/Gameboy Advance/Nintendo Switch

Using either eBay Sold listings or PriceCharting | Price Guides for Games, Cards & Comics as a price point, we pay the following rates

CASH = 60%
*Store Credit = 70%
*We are primarily only looking for games that are selling for $20 or more.


Non Hand Held Consoles
Disc Only Games

***Premium Game Purchasing***

Any handheld console with charger in clean working condition

*We will NOT pay a premium for special edition or modded handheld consoles*

Any games related to the following are considered premium games

Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil

Any games related to the above we buy at the following rates:

Cash = 75%

Store Credit = 80%

Disney Lorcana / Star Wars Unlimited Buy Policy

The buy rate for walk ins sales is

 60% of TCG player Market for CASH

 70% of TCG player Market for Store Credit

($10-$400 TCG Player Market Cards Only)

***We DO NOT BUY***

Any Promos

Any Graded Cards

Any Playmats, Deck Boxes, Pins, etc…

Lego - Buy Policy

We are not buying Legos at this time.