Purchasing Magic the Gathering singles in store from Game Heroes is easy!

All you have to do is send us a message with a list of the cards you are looking for via the following:

We will let you know when your cards are ready.  Depending on how many other lists we have, completion time can range from 15 minutes to multiple hours.  Our busiest days are Fridays-Sundays.
There are a few details / important guidelines everyone should be aware of…


  1. Please DO NOT CALL the store with any single card inquiries, please use the above forms of communication
  2. Please only send lists of cards in which you are planning on purchasing 100% of the list, chances are good we will have just about everything
  3. We pull most orders using the ‘Cheapest/ or next Best Available’ method.  Meaning we will usually pull the Cheapest version of a card, or if we cannot fill a specific card request, we will pull the next best available version


Inventory Availability

• Game Heroes has ‘base’ versions of just about any card you can think of.  We DO NOT tend to have foils/secret lairs/alternate arts.  We do have some showcase/full art/borderless/retro frame.  If you are looking for specific versions of a card, please include this in your list, but please clarify if you are ok with the next best available version, or if we should skip that card all together if missing the requested version


• We price just about everything at TCG PLAYER MID.  Pricing from other websites that have an ‘average’ price or card kingdom price tend to be about the same range.  

Here is a link to the TCG player app

*It is important that you have pricing set to MID by clicking on YOU > SETTINGS > And setting the pricing to marketplace MID. (See images below for example)

There is a small amount of cards on our ‘Hot Shelf’ (less than 70) that tend to be higher due to local demand.  

*IMPORTANT NOTE* there is an abundance of pricing on cards available online, and most websites average out pricing about the same.  No staff member at Game Heroes has every price memorized, and has to look prices up manually like everyone else, please do your best ahead of time to research pricing on your own.

We sell at the MID price because it tends to take a better average, we do not ‘match’ the LOW because of extreme discrepancies that can be seen in the following image [Mid vs Low] image





Example of how to send an order:

‘Hello, I’d like to place an order for singles for John D.  If you are missing any of the requested versions. I will take the next best available:

Cavalier of Dawn

Cavalier of gales

Dryad of the ilysian grove


Ghostly flicker

Sublime epiphany 

Sword of hearth and home (borderless)

Thought vessel

Path of ancestry

Urborg tomb of yawgmoth

Yavimaya cradle of growth (borderless)

Archfiend of ifnir 

Agadeems awakening’

FREE pack bonus

Game Heroes still offers a free Draft Booster Pack (usually of the newest standard expansion) for every $25 in single cards purchased.  This offer does not apply to cards on our hot shelf!  

Foils / Alt Arts / Secret Lairs

Cards like this we keep in our display cases and binders.  Nothing in this category is catalogued unfortunately.  For any interest in cards like this, the best thing to do is visit the store and browse around.  The inventory on these cards changes daily depending on what sells and what is traded in.  Most card in these categories are priced to sell, so it us a good opportunity to score a deal! 

Reserve List / Old School / High End

Game Heroes keeps on hand a limited amount of Revised Dual Lands and Legacy staples (Lion’s Eye Dimond, Mox Diamond, Gaea’s Cradle).  These cards are typically priced at the current price based on condition.

We also have a large collection  OFF SITE of ‘Collectible’ old school alpha/beta/legends/arabian nights cards, some power 9.  Many of these cards we are looking to sell at or below market.  

For any serious inquiries please use an above form of communication to set up an appointment.

We are only looking to do $500 or more transactions on these cards.